Why am I still single?


I know I’ve mentioned I’m a single mom, searching for Mr. Right. I’ve also mentioned I am totally okay with that. I’ve never been huge on relationships. I had one during high school, they broke my heart and I thought the world was over. My parents didn’t have a healthy relationship either. By the time I was 16-17 I was pretty sure relationships weren’t my thing, I wasn’t going to let people hurt me like that. As a young adult I’ve canoodled with a few males, most of them didn’t keep my interest past one night. A couple of them hung around for a while, leading me on to get what they wanted until they got bored. I eventually accepted being single and that the right one would come along if it were meant to be. I became incredibly happy, just by myself. In fact my favorite thing to do is be alone in my sanctuary of an apartment. It hasn’t always been easy being single, it does get lonely and sometimes I just want someone to share my life with someone that I can trust and who won’t leave. When I start to doubt my love life and give up hope, I remind myself of all the reasons why I CHOOSE to be single.

I have high standards.

I refuse to settle.

I’ve been led to think someone cared about me, but they really didn’t.

They were interested in something other than who I am as a person.

The one man who was never supposed to break my heart, my father, has broken my heart too many times to count.

More than once I’ve been left for someone else.

There’s been guys who are flaky and only come around when it’s convenient for them.

I’ve opened up and loved hard only for that love to be taken for granted.

I’ve been lied to and disappointed.

I hate ending up looking stupid.

I’d rather focus on being independent and supporting myself than waste my time on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

I’d rather be with someone who has goals than someone who just parties.

Chasing anyone is a game and I refuse to play.

I haven’t found anyone that compliments my life in a way that makes it better than being single.

I refuse to throw myself into romance just because I’m lonely.

I’ve witnessed family and friends in failed relationships over and over again.

I know my worth and beauty without needing someone else’s confirmation.

The only people I’ve been able to count on are myself and my mom.

I’m used to being alone.

Being single is the opportunity to live life on your own terms and not have to apologize.

Unless it’s mad, passionate or extraordinary love, it’s a waste of time.

Being single is addicting when you’ve enjoyed it more than when you’ve been heavily involved with someone, it’s hard to risk the peace that you have with yourself by giving people chances.

It’s better to have nobody than to have someone who is half there or doesn’t want to be there.

Not only am I looking for my perfect partner, I’m looking for someone who will be a good example of a man for my daughter.