Transformation on the rise

These last 2 weeks, while having quite a few days off from my full time job for the holidays, I’ve been taking a lot of time to focus on my vision for 2018. Creating a vision for your future and knowing what your dreams are, is extremely important in living to your fullest potential and crucial to rise to the top. When we get clear about our desires and align them with our purpose, the Universe will bless us.

Each year I draw up a set of specific goals I want to accomplish. I kind of make a plan, but I don’t really go into detail of what my life needs to look like in order to accomplish these goals. This year I’ve been thinking more along the lines of where I need to be as a person in order to achieve the lifestyle I desire. I’m making it more about my character and less about deadlines and tasks. When your soul is where it needs to be, the rest comes easy.

This year I commit to more of this… and less of that…

A fun exercise I did in trying to develop my vision. I took a look at my life and evaluated what I think I need more of and what I need less of. For each thing I feel I need more of, I thought of a comparable “less of” item. It really got me thinking about some of the habits and traits I have that are actually holding me back from becoming the person I want to be. I need more feeling and less thinking. More listening and less talking. I need to do more and watch less. More creativity and less boundaries.  I need to be more influential and vulnerable and hide myself less. This year I will arise.

What do I want this year to look and feel like?

What do I want my physical health to look and feel like? I want to be physically active on the regular. Making healthy, clean food and drink choices. If I’m lucky, lose a few inches and a couple pounds. How do I want my mental health to look and feel? I want to make meditation a regular practice. Keep up with my daily gratitude journal and affirmations. Practice more yoga and be more self loving. Do I want a partner? What should that relationship look and feel like? I’d like to not spend another year either heartbroken or lonely. Maybe 2018 is my year to find that legit significant other. One who is loving, supportive, loyal, ambitious, wants to build a life with me and enlightened. How do I want the relationships with my family and friends to look and feel in the new year? Hopefully they grow deeper and my tribe of high vibe boss babes grows exponentially. What will pure joy and fun look like in my life? More dance parties. Something fun to always look forward to: shopping day, the arcade, a picnic. Where to I want to adventure and travel to? I’d love to go back and visit Cali, Tennessee, NYC and Colorado. Explore some new places in Vegas or Mexico. Be specific on how you want all aspects of your life to look, but more importantly how it will make you feel.

What is most important in my life and how can I improve to live a more balanced life?

My spiritual health is important. Being aligned and following my purpose. Practicing gratitude daily. Meditating and being more self aware. Personal growth is another area of my life I value. I will never stop learning and investing in myself. Read hundreds of books. Surround myself with mentors and influencers living the life I desire. My career and building a brand that will financially provide is my ultimate dream. I will research and try new strategies until I find what works best. Building a client base and a tribe of supporters. Furthering my education to support my passion. I value my home and keeping it cozy and tidy, a bit of a sanctuary. Developing routines and habits to keep it clean and organized. Maybe a move to a bigger place finally? I want to be more involved in my community. Volunteer, be more supportive and involved. Join a group or something. And last but certainly not least. The biggest area where I need to improve. My finances. I will be debt free with an emergency fund in place. Sticking to a budget, saving money and not impulse shopping.

2017 was a year of learning about myself and my abilities as well as learning some hard lessons.2018 is going to be a year of implying everything I’ve learned and developing the consistent habits needed to reach my level of success. This is the year I will rise up.

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