Top Ten Things I do to Survive Being a Single Mom

I think these things are great for any mommy to practice, but us single moms especially. All moms work hard to provide for their babies and be the best mom they can be. The only difference, single moms don’t usually have anyone to share parental duties with. So we get burnt out a little faster. I’ve been a single mom for almost 2 years now and I’ve had to come up with lots of ways to check myself and keep myself up and running. Like the saying goes, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

As much as we would all like to ship our kids off and go on week long vacations all year, that just isn’t possible for most of us. Money is tight or you don’t have a support system who can help you with the kids. Here are some day to day things I do in order to keep me on my game as a single mom.

Not listed in any specific order…


I’m not trying to lead us all to a drinking problem, but I’m being for real. Take a break from motherly duties and pour yourself a glass of wine once the babe is in bed. Enjoy every single drop of that mommy juice. It doesn’t even have to be fancy wine. Cause we all know as single moms the money ain’t always flowing. Buy that $15 box of wine and pour yourself a damn glass.


Hands down my favorite way to relax. If I could spend every night in a hot bath with some Jacuzzi jets I would be the happiest mama around! At least once a week if not twice I fill the tub with scorching hot water, drop in some oils and a bath bomb, light the candles and dive in. I can literally feel the tension leaving my body as I soak and shrivel up into a prune.


Kids are vultures for anything sweet. We barely get in the door at night and my daughter is asking for cookies. Kids also like to hang out at our feet and follow us everywhere. Sometimes all we need is just 5 minutes to ourselves. The only place I can usually get some peace is behind the bathroom door. All moms know it doesn’t last long until they find you, but you’ve got a solid few minutes to inhale a candy bar and soak in the sweetness by yourself.


This probably makes me a bad mom lol but if my daughter gets a new toy from someone and I find the sounds to be really annoying, I take the batteries out. There may be a slight meltdown at first when she finds out her toy is “broken”, but she eventually moves on to something else and I get to enjoy my peace.


My guilty pleasure. If you have a spending problem and your closet is exploding with clothes, I don’t recommend this. But to treat yourself every so often, go for it girl. I rarely actually go shopping. One, I hate trying on clothes and two, pushing a stroller through clothes racks while your child is trying to grab everything is not fun. If I have someone to go with me its not so bad, but that’s usually not the case. Single moms know that if you wanna go somewhere or get something done, the baby is coming with. So I shop online. My child isn’t asking for everything through the store and I don’t have to put pants on. Life is good.


Every 2-3 weeks I strap Journee in the stroller and we waltz into the nail salon. It may not be a full on break from mom duties, but it’s doing something for myself. I always feel good after a fresh manicure. It’s not much and not something you can do during every mommy melt-down, but every bit of taking care of yourself and making yourself happy is worth it.


Again, it’s not much, but having good skin makes us feel good. I know when I start to get stressed with life my skin starts breaking out and doesn’t have that healthy glow and I hate it. I love throwing on a face mask and letting it work its magic. It leaves my face feeling soft and healthy bringing back some of that beautiful glow to help me feel like me again. Here’s one of my favorite face masks to use!


Starting my business and continuously crafting has helped my stress levels as a single mom tremendously. It’s an outlet for me and something I can give my full on attention to. When I am working on my projects I’m not thinking about the stress of everyday life, I’m simply enjoying myself and enjoying what I am doing. Seeing the outcome of a project is always satisfactory. As a mom you don’t always get to see your hard work pay off. It’s a constant battle of teaching your kids right from wrong and you don’t always feel like you’re doing it right. But you are. One day, they will use their “please” and “thank-you” without you having to tell them to and you see the outcome of your hard work.


I’ve always been a book worm. Reading is a way for my to escape my reality and place myself in a different world. I also really enjoy self-help/personal development books. Reading them boosts my motivation and helps me to stay focused on achieving my goals in life. Sometimes it is hard for me to get into an actual book however. By the time I get back to it I’ve forgotten everything I’ve read about so far. That’s when the blogging community comes in clutch. Settling down each night I find a really good post or two that leave me feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside and refreshed.


Moms do know best. And the only one who knows more about being a mom is your own mother. When I am at my ultimate breaking point or just need advice on how to handle a parenting situation I always call my mom. We may not have the same views on everything, but she did raise one hell of a daughter so she must have done something right! Plus sometimes I get lucky and she offers to take the child for awhile and give me a break to enjoy some time alone 😉