Success on my own terms

 As part of living a life of intent, I’ve started to set a mantra for my week. This mantra has been written at the top of my weekly spread in my planner. All day, when I look at my planner, I will see this and be reminded of this truth. This week my mantra is, “I AM LEARNING ALL THE SKILLS I NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL.” What does that mean? What does it look like to achieve success?

There is no correct definition of success

You determine what success is to yourself. Maya Angelou stated “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” I love that. Success is going to look different to each individual person. Part of the reason why it is so important to not compare yourself to others. You have to define what is important for you to accomplish in life. My success looks like this.

  • Financial freedom. I can say I am successful in life when I no longer stress about finances. Knowing I can afford the life I want to live.
  • Freedom with my time. I will feel successful in life when I no longer have to work for the big man and slave at a 9-5 Monday through Friday. When I can spend my time how I want to spend it. I fully believe I will be my own boss soon, creating my designs and influencing others by the way I live.
  • Raising strong women. Since becoming a mommy I love the idea of having a daughter I can pour my soul into. I can’t wait to share with her the lessons I’ve learned about life and walk her journey with her. When I see my baby workin it like a boss, doing something she loves, I’ll know I am successful.

How do we get to that level of success

This is the part that has had me tripping lately. My business took off a lot quicker and a lot bigger than I expected. I haven’t really had the time, or taken the time, to focus on some of the behind the scenes stuff that is actually really important. What I do isn’t just about opening the wine and getting crafty, all though that is my favorite and most appealing part.

  • Every dollar that comes in and out of my business needs to be accounted for. I need to be educated in the area of business accounting and find an efficient system for keeping track of monies.
  • I need to effectively promote my business. The orders I’ve received have kept me busy, but if I want this to be my full time source of income, along with my blog, I really need to saturate myself in the area of marketing. There is so much to learn about building a website, using the correct keywords and correctly targeting your market, and once you got it down, trends change. I’m developing an entire brand and I need all of my social media accounts to flow together and give my audience the same feel no matter where they are connecting with me. That takes tons of design strategy and lots of planning.
  • Most importantly I need to make sure I am living a well balanced life. Pouring my soul into building my empire is great, but it won’t really work if I am not aligned with the Universe. Spiritual and personal development is huge in obtaining overall happiness. I need to be efficient in practicing yoga to keep my body functioning well, detoxing all the crud. My meditations need to be in tune, using techniques to reach the deepest levels of the mind and the highest chakra.

Success doesn’t happen overnight

I constantly have to remind myself that I can’t just wrinkle my nose and have the life I want. The Universe needs time to catch our vibe and return it to us. You’ll see that overtime you become closer and closer to your success. Sometimes your idea of success will change and the Universe has to reroute you. It’s a process. Trust the process. Make sure you are constantly educating yourself about the skills you need to reach your success and then putting those skills to work. The Universe will take care of the rest. Check yourself routinely. Are you generally putting off positive energies that the Universe can attract back to you? Do you take the time to thank the Universe for the things it has already given you? Most important, do you fully believe you can live the life you dream of and are willing to do whatever it takes? If so, you’ve won the greatest battle. If not, you will never be successful. Success comes from within. You must believe in yourself, or no one else will, not even the Universe.