Stubborn hearts get lucky sometimes

More times then not I fill my plate a little too full. Both at the buffet and in life. I’ve always been stubborn as a mule, just ask my mom. I used my stubborn attitude to hold grudges and stand my ground in not doing something I didn’t want to do. Things changed when I discovered the power being stubborn can bring. Although I’m still the best at holding grudges and not giving in. I’ve seen incredible outcomes from me being so stubborn. 

Goal Oriented

I set goals monthly and weekly. My goals drive my daily to-do lists. It drives me crazy when I leave a to-do list unfinished. I set personal development goals, such as reading the next “self-help” book on my list or working on a certain characteristic that’s holding me back. Business goals have become a new part of my goal setting: desired income, number of projects I wish to complete, growing my social media following on all channels. My financial goals are pretty boring. I’m working to pay off student loans and build my credit. I set spiritual goals: meditate daily, stay positive, let go of the bad shit. Be stubborn and self disciplined about the things you are working towards.

Never Settle

I have big dreams for myself and what I want my life to look like. Standards for relationships and they way I want to be treated. When things or people start working against me and the perfection I’ve envisioned, I eliminate them. I’m trying to build a life I am in love with, and nothing is going to stop me from living a life that I love. I’ve learned to let go of things that are toxic. I don’t settle for fake friends, half-ass love or dead-end jobs. Be stubborn about the life you deserve and DO NOT give in to anything less.

Don’t Take no for an Answer and Ignore the Haters

Being so stubborn, I’ve learned not to give a fuck what others have to say. If someone tells me I can’t do something or tells me no, you bet your ass I’m gonna do it. I’m vicious when someone underestimates me. Quieting the criticism is hard, but if you can learn to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire, others opinions won’t matter. You have the freedom to do your thang how you wanna do it. Starting my own business where I would be showing others my creativity I greatly feared rejection and thought people would hate it. However this was something I was determined to pursue and I did it and people love my work. I’d still continue to create even if they hated it. Be stubborn and shake what your mama gave ya.

See Results

When you put together all the positive aspects of being so stubborn, you see results. Hard work never goes unrewarded. My stubbornness has lead me to find a good paying job in a supportive company with full benefits without a college degree. It has lead me to be a single mom who is killing it at supporting her baby all on her own. My stubbornness has lead me to be surrounded by only people who lift me up and want to see me succeed and be happy. My stubbornness has lead me to start a business in order to live a life of more freedom and I’ve been vacationing and treating myself to the top. I’ve built myself to a place of financial security where I am paying all my bills on time and am constantly adding funds into my savings.

So, the next time someone notices how stubborn you are, thank them.