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You wake up in the morning, not excited to head into work and spend another day staring at a computer screen in a boxed in cubicle. You start a pot of coffee because it’s the only thing that seems to convince you that you can actually make it through another day of hell. You reach for your coffee mug and it’s decorated in glitter and reads “Make today your bitch.” You smile, drink your coffee and handle shit. Some days we just need that extra pizazz to make life enjoyable.

I’ve always enjoyed the simple things in life like motivational quotes, encouraging others, appreciating nice gestures and taking time to breathe. I constantly find myself writing little notes of encouragement in my planner or on a sticky note I leave in a random spot to find on a rainy day. Most of the time I forget where I left them and am no longer able to be hugged by those comforting words.

In March of 2017 I decided to take my little hobby of decorating inspiring wine glasses and coffee mugs and turn it into a business. I run everything out of my tiny studio apartment in a small town in central Iowa. Most of my work takes place late at night, scattered across my kitchen table, with a bottle of wine once my daughter falls asleep. I will work till the wee hours of the morning completing projects because it’s the only time I can accomplish anything without interruption. This is what inspired the “Moonlight” portion of my business name. I fight against all odds to create my products and get them in the hands of customers. The second portion of my business name came to me randomly. I was looking up inspiring words on Pinterest and came across “Meraki” pronounced may-rah-kee. It is a Greek word that means doing something with love, soul and creativity, leaving a piece of yourself into what you’re doing. The moment I discovered it, it just felt right, and became the new driving force for my business.

This is a business that takes pride in what it does. When you order from Moonlight Meraki, you can feel confident that your purchase was carefully handcrafted. The glitter is hand coated in a double layer of a dishwasher safe sealant and the vinyl is of the utmost quality. You can wash any of the products without worrying about damaging the glitter or vinyl.

If you like what you see, but want to make a few tweaks, I love doing custom orders. Send me a message with the details on what you want and I’d be happy to create something just for you!