Minimalism Journey: The cleansing process.

I’ve shared with you all that I am making an effort to live with a minimalist point of view. Such as, less is more. Don’t hold onto things or people that don’t add value to your life and live with more intention towards achieving the life you dream of. My first lesson in minimalism was that it’s not just about getting rid of all the junk in your home. Minimalism is about getting rid of all the junk in your life, cleansing, learning to let shit go.

Detach yourself from things that do not contribute to your journey

Emotionally letting go of stuff that doesn’t contribute to my well being has grown to come pretty easy for me. I’ve been forced into letting go of so many people in my life that it comes naturally for me to detach emotionally to people. Sometimes we need to let go of people and things that aren’t good for us, toxic. They bring us down and we are way to extraordinary souls to live a life of negativity. Minimalism has become a way to incorporate this attitude into more aspects of my life. Having less and living more intentionally opens you to a life of freedom to enjoy yourself and be happy.

Get rid of the shit

Once you’re emotionally ready to let go of the things that weigh you down, get rid of them. For me, I desperately need to get rid of the material junk rather than the emotional junk. In order to give myself something to work towards, I’m having a sale. I planned it to where I could give myself a month to really go through the stuff in my apartment. Each week I’ve had focus areas. The first week was the kitchen, bathroom and living area. Mind you, I live in a small studio apartment, so I don’t have a lot of room to pile up stuff, so finding things to throw out in some parts was quite difficult.

My bathroom wasn’t full of much worth selling, but there was a good chunk of lotions, hair products, old makeup and junky jewelry to go through. I ended up getting rid of 2-3 grocery sacks of stuff to throw away and a box of baby wash cloths and baby towels to add to my sale pile. The kitchen I stay as far away as possible from. I don’t do much cooking and it’s so tiny in there that I can’t do much of anything. It mainly serves as a place to store mugs, wine glasses, dishes and pizza pans. Reminding myself of my intentions in this process, I threw out a grocery sack worth of glass jars I’ll never actually do anything with, a box of silverware, some dinnerware that doesn’t match my full set and some coffee mugs I don’t care for anymore. That was a challenge but I did it. The living area was even more of a challenge. I like to keep it pretty picked up and less clustery because I spend most of my time there and need the simplicity and set up to relax and unwind.

Week 2

This last week I was to focus on going through my clothes and Journee’s clothes. I’ve periodically gone through Journee’s clothes and had most newborn to 9 month clothes already boxed up. I took everything 12 months and under and boxed it up. Somethings she can still fit into, but it just doesn’t make sense to hang onto them when she’s moving into bigger clothes. Her closet looks so empty! But she has just what she needs for clothes and nothing more! I’ve got about 15 diaper boxes full of baby stuff that I am so excited to get rid of! Going through my clothes was much more challenging. I have a habit of hanging on to my favorite clothing items forever, because I know they look good. Shopping doesn’t happen much for me and I like to have options so it scares me to get rid of something that works for me. I’ve developed more of a distinct style lately and have grown a solid set of standard items, so I piled up some tanks and tees as well as some hoodies I never wear and came up with a decent amount to throw in my sale!

Minimalism feels good

I feel good about what I’ve accomplished so far. Throwing stuff into my get rid of pile started to be a very stress relieving process. I could feel the gunk of my life slowly being less heavy. It has me excited to continue my purging process this week, and I’m gonna need it, as I’m going through my craft stuff and bag collection. This girl loves her craft supplies and bags. It’s been a very cleansing experience so far. I love how its effected me emotionally and how much more I enjoy being in my home. It has lifted the energies in my home and it feels less chaotic, even with a busy toddler. I’m starting to feel like I can function more in my home and have the set up I need to run my business in a tiny shared space.