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Sometimes in life we are presented with opportunities. Then begins the mind boggling chaos of if we should take the opportunity or pass it up.From my experience, if the Universe is placing something in front of you, take it. Try not to focus too much on where it is taking you. Trust that you are on the right path. In the last couple weeks I had been presented with an opportunity, and I took it.

MASKCARA BEAUTY strives to create an environment and makeup that celebrates every type of natural beauty, share simple and useful tips, and to create and share about staple products that can be used by every woman time and time again.

maskcara beautyAdorable products!

The first thing that caught my eye about Maskcara is the adorable products! They are seriously beautiful and every picture I saw of the products I was attracted to. Maskcara products and the brand are very much my style. I instantly felt the whole boho, hippie, gypsy soul vibe. The palettes are a beautiful marble or stardusty pattern and the double ended brushes are gold royalty. All the individual foundations, illuminators, blushes and eye shadows come in these adorable little tins with the most awesome designs and they are totally reusable! The products are completely affordable, most of them listed at only $12 😉

Ground-floor opportunity!

There are just under 4 thousand artists currently with Maskcara. The company  officially launched a few weeks ago. I know of 3 artists on my social media accounts and 0 of them are directly local to me. Making me the only one in my area with these products. The 3D foundation has been around for 6 years, so the brand is legit. Sephora, Urban Outfitters and Free People wanted it in their stores. Obviously people want these products, and if you’re the only one in your area who has them, they are going to come to you.

Maskcara BeautyI’ve been looking to add passive income back into my cash flow

Moonlight Meraki is great! It’s doing SUPER well, I’m not giving up on it. I plan to keep it as my main focus and the core of my brand. However, it takes up a lot of work and time on my part. 99% of my work is made to order, it is all custom to the individual order. I don’t make many things ahead of time and then try to sell them and I don’t keep a large amount of stock on hand. Each order is a whole process, but I love it and I am so happy with where things are at in my business. I’ve got a ways to go though before I have 100% replaced my income from my corporate america job so I need another source of income. I need something where the product is ready to go and someone else handles the work of keeping stock, billing and shipping. With Maskcara I can focus on all the fun stuff of building relationships with women and playing with makeup.

maskcara beautyI miss Network Marketing in a makeup company

I’ve shared that I have a history in Network Marketing, mainly with TYRA Beauty. Although TYRA ended as a joke, I really enjoyed the experience, learned a lot about myself and found a passion for makeup and Network Marketing. It was so much fun getting together with women to show them how to do their makeup and to help them feel beautiful in their skin. Grab a bottle of wine, maybe some tequila, hang out and do makeovers. How is that not fun?! Going LIVE on Facebook to do my makeup was a blast! Journee usually needed to be the star of the show, but it was fun for me to interact with everyone and give them a glimpse into my real routine.

I also miss the community and support I had in Network Marketing. Some of the greatest, most influential women I know I met through my previous companies. I don’t have much of a social life and friendships as a working single mom so it is extremely nice when we have team get togethers. I get to have girl time and hang out with like minded individuals who are just trying to make the best of life for themselves and their families on their own time.

maskcara beautyI’m willing to do anything and everything it takes to live a life of freedom

I am 100% over my job and working for real-world america. I will do whatever it takes to be able to quit and stay home with my babe all day. It’s fact that I am not meant for a 9-5. I’m too creative and too much of a free spirit. I want to give Journee experiences I never had growing up. I’m not able to do that stuck in a cube Monday through Friday trying to make ends meet. I want to show Journee that she can live any type of lifestyle she is willing to work for. She doesn’t have to go to college and get a fancy degree to work for some company she isn’t passionate about. She can create her own life and build her own dream.

It would be stupid of me to not jump on this opportunity and run with it. What about you? If you had the opportunity to be your own boss, not deal with the dirty work of having your own business and build relationships with women over makeup would you do it? Do you need a passive stream of income in your life to achieve some of your goals? Got a large amount of debt hanging over your head? Do you want to create a life you love? Let’s chat.

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