I am by no means an expert on manifesting. Over the last 6-8 months I have been researching the practice and doing my best to implement it into my life. I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned about what manifestation is and how it works, plus some ways I’ve been seeing it work in my life!

What is manifestation?

  • It is our ability to create the world around us.
  • It is the idea that like attracts like. Whatever energy you put out into the universe is the energy you will receive back.
  • Thoughts become things.

How does manifesting work?

  • Attracting what you want is a law of nature, not a miracle.
  • The starting point of all creation, the starting point of any change you want to manifest, is to picture your desired outcome in your mind.
  • Step one is to define what you want to manifest.
    • You must ask for things with a grateful heart. Feeling thankful and blessed will attract more things to be thankful for.
    • If you want positive things to come into your life, you must put off positive energies.
    • Being negative and having feelings of want, need or ungratefulness will only attract more negative things into your life.
    • You must have a strong desire for the things you are manifesting. Believe that it will happen and have a high level of expectation that it is possible for it to happen.
  • Next, you must take some action to achieve your desired outcome, to bring your vision into reality.
    • The things you are trying to attract and manifest will not just be handed to you. You have to put yourself out there and do the work required for opportunities to present themselves.
  • The final step is to allow the universe to manifest your outcome without worrying about how it’s to be achieved.
    • Once you put your request out into the Universe, it’s there. It will come back to you, do not worry about how you will receive the things you are asking for, that will only attract more worry and negativity.

What do I do to manifest the things that I want?

  • I start each day with a grateful heart. You have the ability to set your mood the second you wake up. You determine how your day is going to go. I take the time to reflect on the things that I am thankful for and get my mind and heart in the right place. Once I feel my mind and heart are in the right place, I take the time to ask the Universe for the things I truly desire. I write down affirmations to reassure myself that I will receive the things I have asked for.
  • Another technique I use is a vision board. At the beginning of the year I took the time to gather pictures that represent the things I want to accomplish this year. I placed those pictures in my journal and look at them everyday. I use them to visualize myself in those situations. One of my goals this year was to travel somewhere new. I picked a place and put a picture of it in my journal. I look at that picture everyday and envision myself there and how I would feel being there. I’m going on vacation there next month.
  • Something else that plays a role in my manifesting is regularly taking the time to meditate and make sure I am aligned with the frequencies of the Universe. I get rid of all the negative thoughts going through my mind and release them from my body. I cleanse my spirit and check myself to make sure I am still focused on the things that I am working towards.

What have I manifested lately?

  • As I previously stated, one of the things I was asking the Universe for this year is to travel somewhere new and have adventure. I set my sights on a location and continuously pictured myself there. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get there or who I’d be spending my time there with, but I knew I was going. Recently I found super cheap flight tickets and will be going there for a few days on my own. It’s not exactly how I thought the trip would happen, but that’s okay. I wanted to go there, and I’m going.
  • Another thing I have really been focusing on this year is getting my financial situation under control. As a single mom who already works full time I wasn’t sure where this extra income was going to come from. Earlier this year the Universe presented me with an opportunity to start my own business out of my home and make custom vinyl creations. The amount of success I’ve had in such a short amount of time is mind blowing to me! I’m well on my way to being able to quit my full time job and work 100% from home! (Another thing I’m manifesting)
  • Sometimes, the Universe works in ways you don’t understand. I set out to find true love this year and hopefully find ‘The One’. So I asked the Universe for a relationship full of love, loyalty and respect. I was doing my part by getting to know someone. Someone I thought was who the Universe brought into my life as the person I was seeking. Turns out the Universe took that person away from me. I didn’t get it at first, but soon realized the relationship I was pursuing was not the type of relationship I was asking the Universe for, so it took them away. I fully believe the Universe has something up its sleeve and is bringing me the man who will more than exceed my requests of love, loyalty and respect.