Keep your head in the game

DAMN. It’s been awhile my friends. I’ve struggled with the mentality of keep your head in the game. You could say I’ve been busy, which I always am. Or you could say I have been unmotivated and letting my self doubt take over. Which is more of the truth. I’ve been really hard on myself these last few months. I am no where near where I wanted to be at the end of the year with my business, my brand and my lifestyle. “Did you actually think you could do this?” Has been on replay in my head. There is so much truth in the statement, we are our biggest critics. And I have been a bad one lately. Normally I can use that doubt as motivation, but I just haven’t been finding it.

bossbabe stock photoSometimes we lose focus

I’ll be the first to admit, I can be a major slacker. You can go back and look at the dates of my posts and instantly see I am no where near consistent. My business Instagram feed will show you that I haven’t been creating as much. I look at my sales reports from my other side hustles and it is obvious I haven’t been working on them. It happens. We get drained, exhausted, and just need a break.You are not alone if you feel like you’ve lost your mojo. We get so bogged down with the daily routines and get in a slump. It’s even harder to focus on ourselves and our dreams as moms, especially us single moms. I’ve been in this funk of wake up late, get ready for the day, rush out the door, drop off the little one, commute to work, spend all day in a cube behind a computer, make the long drive home, pick up the little, go home and make dinner… CRASH. I have a hard time keeping my eyes open after that to make the time for my workouts and my business.

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Remind yourself of why you chose this life

During the down times, when you just don’t have the energy to move forward, remind yourself why you started. What are your end results that you desire? What are you trying to accomplish by living the crazy lifestyle you do? When we remind ourselves of why we started, we can regain our motivation. If that doesn’t motivate you, then do you really want those things? Review your goals constantly. Break them down if you have to. You can do this babe. Take some time for yourself to recharge and claim your intentions. Ask the Universe for the things you desire, believe with all your hear that you will receive them, the Universe has your back. Find inspiration. Make a vision board. Have a daily reminder of what it looks like to live the life you are working to achieve.

When we remind ourselves of why we started, we can regain our motivation. #keepyourheadinthegame #motivationClick To Tweet

bossbabe stock photoKeep your head in the game

Remembering why you started is the most important factor to keep your head in the game. As long as you continually focus on the things that you desire, your head is in the game. Work hard towards your goals. Develop action steps. Find someone to hold you accountable. Surround yourself with like minded people. When you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself you deserve the life you desire. Write it on sticky notes and place them around your home. Whatever you have to do in order to remind yourself to stay focused and not get discouraged. One of my favorite exercises is a gratitude journal, where I write about all the things I am thankful for. When I remind myself of all the things the Universe has already provided, I am better able to see the things it has yet to provide. I am reminded that the Universe does bring good into my life and listens to the things I desire. Find what works for you. Stay focused. Constantly review your goals. Keep your head in the game.