5 Daily Rituals to Improving your Quality of Life

Tapping into a higher quality of life, living more simply and minimalistic is a journey I have been on for a little while now. I can’t say I’ve got it all figured out as we all have our bad days. But I have developed a handful of daily rituals that make me feel more at peace in life and I can feel my frequencies rising as I go throughout my day. Here I share with you how gratitude, self awareness, picking up after yourself, unplugging and letting loose invites you to a healthier mindset and living a more focused and fulfilling life.

1. Start your day with gratitude

The single most important daily habit to living a simple life, gratitude. Before you even get out of bed or check your phone. Think of 5 things you are grateful for. It makes it hard to have a bad day when you start it off on a good note, feeling blessed. I’ve said it time and time again, a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. Being grateful for everything, the good and the bad, is the absolute foundation to improving your quality of life.

Spend a good chunk of your morning instilling the feeling of gratuity in your soul. I know most of us live busy lives and if you’re anything like me you are running behind and crunched for time. I try to use my time getting ready as my time to get my mind right and align with the frequency of gratitude. Turn on some feel good music, set your intentions and make getting in the grove part of your morning routine.

2. Be aware

What I mean by this is living in the present and being aware of yourself. How are you feeling in this very moment? Are you irritable? Anxious? What’s bothering you? What can you do to reduce those negative energies and make room for positive energies to flow through?

Another way to look at it is being more cautious. When living a simple, improved life, there isn’t much room for “maybe’s”, “I’m not sure’s” and feeling uncertain about things. Be firm in the decisions you make each day. Take the time to think about what you really want and expect from life. Think about how the decision will affect your life. Be confident in how you are living out each day. Live with no regrets.

3. Spend 30 minutes cleaning up

This is probably the one I struggle with the most. After a long day the last thing I want to do at night is clean the apartment. I say after a long day because there is no way I am going to get up earlier in the morning just to clean. But in all reality, what is 30 minutes of your day? It doesn’t take long to straighten things up and put them back where they belong. The reward of having a clean home and not having to spend hours cleaning on the weekend is SO worth it.

Living in a clean and tidy space can work wonders for your quality of life and help you to live more simply. I’ve been on both sides. There are times when I let it go and then find myself living in a cluttered mess with no where to put my coffee cup down that is out of reach from little hands. That’s no fun. The rest of your life starts to feel like a big clusterfuck when your personal space is not in order. When my apartment is picked up; meaning there’s no junk and papers piled up on my kitchen table, the trash isn’t overflowing, there’s no dirty dishes sitting in the sink and my clean laundry isn’t in a pile on the floor, I feel better about myself. I feel more accomplished and ready to tackle any task at hand. A clean and tidy home is also more inviting to positive energies and gives them more space to flow through your home.

4. Unplug

Another one that I struggle with as I run a business from my phone and am trying to build a brand and my following on social media. But technology and scrolling through recent feeds is literally soul sucking. There are so many energies put out by tech gadgets that really aren’t the greatest for aligning our energies to more positive things. I don’t know all the technical stuff, but I know that I can tell a difference even 10 minutes after I set my phone down.

Another good reason to unplug for even an hour a day is there is so much negativity on the internet anymore. I can scroll through my news feed and probably 8 out of 10 posts are people either complaining about their lives or sharing bad news. the other 2 posts are people ranting about how great their life is and you start to feel jealous and like your life isn’t as great as theirs. It is just bad for our spirits to spend so much time sucked into our devices.

5. Do something that makes you feel like a badass

This is my favorite one. There’s certain things you do that just make you feel on top of the world. Whether it be completing a kick ass workout or something as simple as drinking a glass of wine in complete silence at the end of your day. Life is meant to be celebrated and we deserve to feel like a million bucks every day. So do something everyday that makes you feel good about yourself. Get those happy vibes flowing and raise your frequency. Anytime you feel good, you’ve found vibrational alignment with who you really are. Focusing on the things you enjoy in life will also help you to find your way to your destined path in life. Those things that make you feel good don’t just make you feel that way for no reason.

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