Improving my quality of life

Believe it or not, you are responsible for your own life and your own happiness. I became aware of this reality a year or so ago. Discovering this truth has encouraged me to focus on learning about what makes me happy and improves my quality of life. One thing that makes me feel full and gives me life is building my empire. Building my business and my brand gives me life. I shared my focus with you last week, “I am learning all the skills I need to be successful”. My focus this week, “Business is booming.  I AM productive and focused. I AM accomplishing more and more every day. My life is improving.”. I am focusing on improving the quality of my life this week.

Business is booming.

I need to take some time to focus on the growth of my business. Honestly, my business is doing really well. I’ve only been at it seriously for 4 months. Surprisingly I’ve had a large amount of interest and fulfilled many orders. I’ll be honest I had a lot of doubts in starting Moonlight Meraki. I’ve had plenty failed attempts at having my own gig. The difference this time, I truly believe this is my answer and will be my ticket out of a 9-5 weekly job. I am thankful for all the Universe has given me through this opportunity and will continue to focus and manifest the growth of my business. Business growth = quitting my job. Quitting my job = freedom with my time. Freedom with my time = improved quality of life.

I AM productive and focused.

Since getting home from vacation and having an extremely busy catch-up period on orders before the 4th of July, I’ve dropped the ball on my productivity and focusing on Moonlight Meraki. I need to close in my tunnel vision and really crank out some projects this week as well as work on some strategy planning. Building this business is everything I want and I will not let myself drop the ball and be the reason I am not successful. Having something to focus on and be productive towards improves my quality of life.

I AM accomplishing more and more every day.

I often get wrapped up in the things I have yet to accomplish and forget about all the things I have already accomplished. This week I need to remind myself that I am accomplishing things every day that get me closer to the quality of life I am striving for. Consequently, having the positive attitude that I am accomplishing things, will motivate me to accomplish more. Like attracts like. In order to hold myself accountable, I’ve filled out my planner for the week of everything I wish to accomplish. I have quite the to-do list and orders to fill and a weekend trip planned. It’s important that I stay on top of my game this week to get everything accomplished before hitting the road so I can enjoy my time and not think about all the things I should be doing.

You can see my focus for the week written at the top and my list of orders to complete on the side. I keep track of every single thing I want to accomplish in a week.


I’ve worked too hard and gotten so far to only come this far. I will not let myself down on achieving my dream life. Each day I can feel myself getting closer to living the life I deserve. Looking back at where I was just a year ago and I’m in awe of how much happier I am and the number of things I have achieved towards accomplishing my goals.