Free time, what I do when I’m not being a badass, empire building, manifesting junkie

Free time. I often find myself asking what that is. It’s not too often that I don’t have something going on. Between working full time, running a business, building a blog and being a full time single mom I usually have my hands full. There are times though when I set aside time to do something fun and requires zero responsibility. You guys have seen tid bits of my life on social media and read about things I’m processing through this blog, but I wanted to give you a better picture of who I am behind the scenes when I’m not being a badass, empire building, manifesting junkie. I hope you enjoy!

1. Hang out with Journee

My absolute favorite thing to do when I’m not at work, working on orders or writing for my blog is spending time with my baby girl. She is my absolute pride and joy. I never really understood love or pure joy until this sweet little girl came into my life. We love to be silly and chase each other around the apartment being monsters or playing hide and seek. She gives the best snuggles. I make sure to soak them up daily watching some of our favorite movies and shows.

netflix2. Sink into the couch and binge watch Netflix

After a long day or a busy week there is nothing I want to do besides get lost in a TV series or a good movie if I have some free time. I want to plop on the couch and let the cushions swallow me up. There has definitely been days where I don’t get up except for food or to use the bathroom. I hide my face in shame a little bit when Netflix has asked me 20 times if I’m still watching.

3. Get my nails done

Getting my nails done is a regular occurrence for me, but I have to have the free time to go in and get them done. I don’t do many things to pamper myself that costs money, except for getting a manicure. I like my nails to look nice and well taken care of and don’t want to take the time to up keep them myself.

4. Shop

I’m not a huge shopper. I have the hardest time finding clothes I love that also look good on me. That’s why I stick to leggings! 😉 But I do really enjoy walking through stores and checking out the latest fashions. I do love to shop online. I could spend hours browsing different websites and buying fun craft supplies and new makeup.

maskcara beauty5. Play with makeup

Something fun I do with my free time is play with makeup and try out different looks. There’s something glamorous about sitting in front of a bunch of pretty makeup and creating art on your face. When I can, I like to go LIVE on Facebook while doing my makeup. People love it and it’s a fun way to interact with others online.

6. Get crafty

Yes, I get crafty often, making stuff for other people. When I get the chance I like to make stuff for myself, Journee and our home. Crafting is my biggest hobby and whenever I get the chance I put my hands to work and see what they can create.

7. Go for a drive

One of the most freeing, let lose things I love doing is going for a drive. Where I am from there is some beautiful scenery. People always say there is nothing to look at in Iowa but some of the views here you can’t find anywhere else, especially during the fall season. I roll the windows down, crank up the tunes and take off with no specific destination in mind.

8. Spend time with family

Although most of the time my family drives me crazy, after a few days of not seeing them I’m usually rushing over to my moms. When your family is small and you’ve had so many family members leave your life, you begin to truly value the time you have with loved ones. It’s a pretty normal occurrence on the weekends to spend time doing something with my mom or my sisters.

reading9. Read a book

When I have a good chunk of free time I love getting lost in a book. Ever since I can remember I’ve enjoyed reading. Most of the time anymore I will pick up a self help or personal development book but I also enjoy a juicy love story or a keep you on your toes thriller.

10. Take a nap

I love to sleep. As a teenager, my room was in the basement, where it was pitch black and cold. I could sleep forever in that room. Often times my mom would come down in the middle of the afternoon to check on me and make sure I was breathing. Nowadays I don’t get near enough sleep and even after 8 hours I’m still tired. When I get the chance, I’m definitely sleeping.

What do you like to do in your free time?