Be Your Own Boss: Why I’m not cut out for the 9-5 life

be your own boss

BYOB. Be your own boss. Sounds nice right? HELL YEAH IT DOES! To be your own boss essentially means to be an entrepreneur. I always thought entrepreneurs where fancy, rich people who either invented something crazy cool. I never used to think of it as starting your own business or creating a brand. When I joined the direct sales world and met ladies who were doing just that, being their own boss, I was floored. I quickly learned that there are women all around the world who are boss babes and have master the whole idea of “BE YOUR OWN BOSS”. Finally feeling like I had found my tribe and a group of women who had the same drive to live freely like I do. I realized that some of us are just not meant for the 9-5 life. Some of us have the ability to be our own boss and some of us are just made to be our own boss. I’m one of those who is wired to be my own boss and build my own career.

Some of us have the ability to be our own boss and some of us are just made to be our own boss. #beyourownbossClick To Tweet

morningsMornings are not my thing

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate mornings. I actually really enjoy mornings, just not before 9 am. Mornings should be savored. The last thing I want to do is shoot out of bed and start running around like a crazy lady to get myself ready and drag my daughter out the door. If I could enjoy my mornings, that would be great. Maybe actually finish a cup of coffee while sitting in my favorite chair instead of downing it while I get ready and add what is left of my cup to my travel mug and take it with me. I’d also really like to spend some time reflecting in the morning and getting myself inspired for the day, but unless I want to get up even earlier than I already do, that won’t be happening while I have a 9-5 job.

I enjoy making the rules

I’ve always hated having rules to follow, who doesn’t though? But I’m like SUPER independent and just want to do things my way. I don’t want to follow the same schedule every day, boring. And I don’t need a boss to baby sit me and make sure I am following company policies and showing up to work on time. You’re not my mom and I got my shit handled. If I could just do my thing, that would be great.

officeThe whole concept of going to work is over-rated

There’s a lot of specific things I don’t like about my job, but there are some general things that I just don’t like about having to go to work. Commuting. I drive a total of 90 minutes one way to get to work by the time I take my daughter to day care. That is a combined 3 hours in my car, 5 days a week. FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Also, interacting with co-workers face to face all day long is exhausting. I’m the girl in the office who minds her own business and worries about myself only. I’ve got all these people around me who just want to gossip about others and converse about meaningless stuff. We are here to do our jobs people. My least favorite things about having to go to work, getting dressed and no nap time. Most mornings it takes a lot of effort to get dressed. Like why can’t I just come in my pajamas? Hence why I wear leggings so much. My ass wants to wear something comfy. And naps. Don’t even get me started on those. Naps are a healthy part of life and should be taken frequently. I can’t do that at work.

When I think of my future I want to spend it doing something I'm passionate about. #beyourownbossClick To TweetGoals

I refuse to spend the rest of my life working for something I’m not passionate about

Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to do, and I still don’t, but I always pictured myself loving what I do. Working for some big corporation, helping some dudes who don’t even know me accomplish their goals of making more money, is not what I had in mind. When I think of my future I want to spend it doing something I’m passionate about. Crafting, leggings and inspiring others is not something someone will pay me for in the real world. I have to create my own work life. Or I will live a slow and miserable life. I refuse to settle for helping someone else live their dream and not living my own.

Are you also destined to be your own boss? Is the 9-5 life just not cutting it for you? What is the hardest thing for you to accept about having to go to work? Are you going to continue working for the big boss man the rest of your life? Or are you going to get out there are be your own boss? Let me hear your stories!